Top 5 Unusual But Unique Wedding Rings

I was inspired by a recent client’s absolutely gorgeous blush diamond to write about some of the cool wedding band trends I’ve been seeing lately.  It was pretty simple back in the day: you got an engagement ring, planned a wedding, attended bridal showers and wedding rehearsals, then walked down the aisle to receive a simple gold band on your wedding day. It’s definitely a tried and tested formula that, while still existing, doesn’t necessarily have to be followed today. Currently, the trend is to find the perfect ring that not only fits the budget, but also expresses the couple’s personality.


Here are some unusual, yet unique, wedding rings that you may suit your taste:

Black Diamond Band

A black diamond is hardly common, yet it is undoubtedly edgy and striking. A wedding ring adorned with small black diamonds is the perfect choice for the unconventional bride and groom with an off-the-beaten-path venue and an unusual wedding dress. A black diamond band can effectively complement a striking rose gold engagement ring.

Carbon Fiber Ring

Materials made of carbon fiber can be found in a lot of things, from luxury cars to space shuttles. Not only are they sleek and futuristic-looking, they’re also super lightweight and highly durable with clean lines. Carbon fiber rings look ultra stylish and modern, and are perfect for the hip and fashionable betrothed couple.

Rose Gold

Brides looking for unusual wedding rings that don’t stray too far from traditional styles can opt for a pair made from rose gold. With its attractive pink hue, rose gold is a precious metal that can make any wedding ring stand out, yet still look both sophisticated and romantic. It even works well with engagement rings created from different precious metals. If your engagement ring is made of white gold, for example, a unique rose gold wedding ring worn with it would look absolutely striking on your hand.

Organic and Original

Organic wedding rings seem like they were literally plucked from the ground with all their textures and uneven lines. They look both unusual and beautiful, and are usually handmade and customized to your preferred design and color, making them true originals in themselves. The best part about these rings? They don’t typically cost a fortune.

Rustic Design

Sculpted rings of rustic designs are gaining traction in the field of wedding rings. But even with all the scatter and unevenness, these types of rings can be dressed up with diamonds and rose gold to look undeniably fancy. Wedding rings of rustic designs are an ideal option for the bride and groom who detest the cold smoothness of traditional wedding bands.

Your wedding band will be that one piece of jewelry that you’ll most likely be wearing day in and day out, so the choice of which type to get is a big one. The challenge is to find something that complements your engagement ring AND look just as amazing by itself. An unusual yet unique wedding ring such as those carbon fiber rings can not only do just that, but can showcase your personality, as well.

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