This is Feeling


We want to wish everyone in the Chicagoland area a very happy Pride this weekend.  We will be spending our weekend working our tails off to ensure that another couple enjoys the luxury of an absolutely flawless celebration of the love they have for one another.  We would like to extend a special shout out, in particular, to our past and present LGBTQIA friendly clients who represent the sole embodiment of what we love about our job and why we do it.

This is Feeling

The talented This is Feeling team captured this photo during Marc and Nathan’s incredibly touching wedding ceremony at Ovation last summer.  It is one of our favorites and proudly hangs in our Five Grain office for all to enjoy.  Whenever we catch a glimpse of these two and our many other clients decorating our studio space and we are reminded that love is love, everyone deserves a great party, and the “planning” part of what we do is what makes a photo like this happen.



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