An Infographic Guide to Make the Perfect Wedding Invitations

A wedding invitation is more than just a fancy piece of paper that tells the who, what, where, and when of the event. It’s essential to help set the guests’ expectations as to what kind of wedding experience they’re going to get. Your invitation cards should embody your wedding, from the design and layout to the content and materials.

Planning your dream wedding begins with making the perfect invitations. Your wedding invites should match the motif and feel of the event. To do that, you have to take design, content, and invitation etiquette into consideration.

Most couples decide on a color motif and general theme for their wedding, which dictates almost all aspects of the wedding—from the decorations to the invitations. The materials, colors, fonts, layout, and design of your wedding invites should be in line with the overall theme of the wedding.

After you’ve decided what the invitations will look like, you have to come up with the content you want to put inside. Of course, you need to include important details like the time and location of your wedding ceremony and reception, but you may also want to indicate the dress code, a little about the itinerary for the day, and what type of reception you are having so they know whether or not to come hungry!

There is no way to include everything the guests need to know in the invitations without overstuffing your A7 wedding envelopes. So, it’s important to carefully select the most relevant information to include in the invites.

If you need some help, here’s a detailed infographic guide for making the perfect wedding invitations.

Step-by-Step: How to Make Your Own Wedding Invitations

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