A Final Farewell to Emma

Today is Emma’s last day in the office with FGE (and her final wedding is Saturday!).   We could not have survived this summer without her calm presence, ready-for-anything attitude, and sly sense of humor.  Here she reflects on her experience hanging with our particular brand of crazy this year…

My summer with Five Grain Events has flown by faster than I could have ever predicted. Even though my first day at the Five Grain Events office feels like just yesterday, I know it wasn’t because of the three months worth of valuable information I now have about the events industry.

Twice a week, I worked in the office with Joan and had the opportunity to update Five Grain’s social media, blog, and personal records. This gave me insight into how the company organizes and keeps track of information, and how this meticulous record keeping is critical in assisting future clients. During office days I also was able to shadow Joan at numerous meetings with clients, potential clients, and vendors, which allowed me to see the planning process in all different stages.

Beyond just my days in the office, I was able to be on-site at ten different events this summer: two corporate events, two street festivals, and six weddings. These events, particularly the non-weddings, required very long days and challenged me in ways I was not accustomed to. I am so grateful for these challenges because I learned that tackling them head-on with a positive, energetic, and flexible attitude is what makes all the difference. 

The most fun part of the events was being able to meet so many different types of people I would never have gotten the chance to meet otherwise. I was able to bond with clients and vendors just by taking a personal interest in them, their event, and by doing whatever it took to see their event succeed. 

Even though all the crazy, fun events we worked this summer made my experience this summer unforgettable, what made them all possible was the six incredible women I got to work with and learn from at every single event!

Joan, Emily, Kelly, Jennifer, Christina, and Theresa- you have all blown me away with your innovative thinking, tenacity, and your dedication to Five Grain’s clients. Above all, I have to thank you for all for your kindness and patience with me, and for taking the time to share your wisdom from years in the professional events industry. I can only hope that one day in my career I am able to work with women as incredible as all of you are!

I will miss Five Grain Events and the team as I return to Richmond, Virginia for my final year at college, but I know that I will forever carry with me the knowledge and experience I have gained this summer. Thank you again for this amazing internship opportunity, and I know that fantastic things are in store for Five Grain Events in the coming years!

Thanks for everything Emma–you’re a gem!  xoxo

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