A “Farewell for Now” to Luzi!

It’s been a wonderful quarter with our intern, Luzi.  Check out where she started and her final thoughts as she bids us farewell–for now!  Lucky for us, though her office days are over, she will be seeing where the magic happens on site at weddings and events throughout the spring and summer.  Thanks for everything, Luzi, and we look forward to checking in again in September.

It is crazy to think that a whole 10 weeks has flown by since my first day at Five Grain Events. I remember my Skype interview with Joan like it was yesterday, I even remember the moment after I rejoined my mom in the living room afterward and she asked me how it went and all I could say was, “I really hope I get it!” I anxiously waited for November and December to pass so that come January 5th I would finally get to start my new internship. Walking into the office my first day and finally getting to meet Joan was a long anticipated day. As someone who was a bit unsure of where I fit within the hospitality field, on day one Joan was there to answer any questions or concerns that I may have had and I knew from then on out that I was going to really like it here. I have loved every second since! I worked my first wedding on January 28th with Theresa and Joan in Michigan at Journeyman Distillery. It was an exhilarating and rewarding experience. Seeing both grooms so happy and relaxed, and knowing that we were helping them make memories that would last a lifetime is really what this job is about.

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I started this internship with absolutely no wedding planning experience and very little event experience. Joan and the rest of the team were right there to show me the ropes from the beginning and help ease me into the culture that is the wedding and events industry. As a young woman hoping to possibly enter into this field, working with the women of FGE has definitely taught me the organizational, hard working, attention to detail, and time management skills I need to know. Since day one, all of them have been so helpful and willing to teach me things as I went along and their trust and encouragement will have life long impacts for which I will be forever grateful.

Even though I will be seeing most of them throughout the summer I want to truly thank all of them for being a huge inspiration to me. All of the women who work with FGE to me are the definition of lady bosses. They are the strongest, hard working, and most inspiring women that I have ever had the privilege of meeting. I will truly miss coming into the office and working on my computer and listening to Joan and Emily chit chat about upcoming events, hearing the stories Joan would tell us of her children, helping Emily with directions when we went on appointments, and finally every meeting or other event they let me go on with them was such a memorable time. I cannot thank the FGE team enough for all they have done for me.

As my family likes to say, “it’s not goodbye, it’s see ya later!”




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