Our Team



Joan Cinquegrani (she/her/hers) grew up with “Type A” tendencies. She planned her family vacations starting from age 13, she color-coordinated her closet (despite her mother’s eye rolls), and she continues to be the one to organize get-togethers for friends and family. Her background in non-profit events gives Joan a unique perspective on event execution and design within a budget. Her eye for detail ensures nothing falls through the cracks. Five Grain Events (derived from Joan’s married last name… in Italian, cinque = five and grani = grains) is determined to deliver the event you’ve always imagined, without the stress of wondering who is going to handle it all!

With ample industry connections, and a knack for finding creative solutions to any issue that should arise, Five Grain Events is well-equipped to manage even the most complex event. Whether you are a newly engaged couple who needs a helping hand, a neighborhood organization planning a bustling street festival, or the host of a one-of-a-kind corporate function (in-person or virtual!), Five Grain would love to craft an event strategy perfectly tailored to you.

Jennifer Duczak


From the day she was tall enough to hang clothes in her closet, Jennifer (she/her/hers) began to showcase her organizational skills. At the tender age of five she was already color-coordinating her entire wardrobe along with every single one of her Barbies. It is no surprise that 25 years later she has truly embraced all of her organizational skills and put them to use in the name of party planning!

As a native to Chicago, Jennifer has been immersed in Chicago’s hospitality scene for nearly 9 years. Graduating from Eastern Illinois University with a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management laid the foundation for her successful career in Chicago’s luxury hotel market. Throughout Jennifer’s career she has showcased her expertise in planning, managing, and executing corporate and social events with a specialization in weddings. Her passion for weddings, combined with the highest level of professionalism, account for countless successful events over the years.

Jennifer makes a promise to herself as well as to her clients to provide personalized attention throughout the planning process and create a truly memorable experience.

Jesseca Cutter


Jesseca (she/her/hers) has always loved bringing people together for a memorable time. It’s no secret that hosting an event takes a lot of time and effort, but she found her passion taking tasks off others’ plates so they can do what’s most important – enjoy themselves! She’s been immersed in Chicago’s event industry for over 6 years. Between coordinating, catering, decor, and floral design she’s always finding new ways to learn and add skills to her toolbox. She approaches every event with an immense level of care and attention while making sure her clients enjoy every step of the process.

Colleen Fahy


If you asked anyone who knows Colleen (she/her/hers), you’d learn she’s known to throw herself an over the top birthday celebration each year. No, it isn’t because she likes turning another year older. It’s the idea of bringing people together for an unforgettable party that drives her.

Colleen became immersed in the events industry in college, when she helped to start an event rental company. This experience gave her a unique view of the logistical needs of vendors before, during, and after each event. She soon realized she wanted to have a much larger role in the planning process! Now, seeing her clients happy, relaxed and focused on enjoying their celebration is what fuels her enthusiasm for coordinating.

Theresa Carter

Office and On-Site Event Manager

Theresa (she/her/hers) is a proud native of Blacksburg, Virginia who found her knack for organization at an early age.  She comes from a large Irish Catholic family where having organizational skills was necessary for survival.  Theresa honed her meticulous record-keeping skills at her parents’ landscaping company filing paperwork for her mom as soon as she had a full grasp of alphabetical order.  Her organization skills helped her excel in high school and college; she graduated from Virginia Tech in 2010 with a degree in Human Development with honors.  She worked in the service industry to put herself through college; and after graduating she organized a monthly event in Blacksburg that brought musicians, djs, and local vendors together to throw an unforgettable party.  Shortly after moving to Chicago, she met the notorious eventeur Emily Rodecker from Five Grain Events through her endless web of family connections and joined the team.